Mostrando las entradas de mayo, 2018

Blue moon

The stars, they whisper to you "I don't see you glow tonight" So I whisper back  to the stars for you. Listen carefully the Universe sings for you When I met you I found a new rhythm to beat with. "Through stormy  w e a t h e r  it´s  kinda  scratchy and rough to keep going on". "It will pass" He assures without believing it. Yet he tries to be real to live and love as a free spirit. Many moons ago my soul has been waiting to meet someone covered in stardust just like you. I wish that I could be the light to wash away your darkest nights. I see the lightness of your heart and I realize It´s okay not to be okay sometimes. We are humans after all. You only need time, silence, patience and a tiny match to start the fire. Your hand touching mine. That´s how galaxies collide.