Mostrando las entradas de mayo, 2017

Saying goodbye.

My sister asked me if it was you that this song reminded me of because lately, I've been playing it on repeat. And yes, I picture you with the sound of the melody... But if she only knew that this love isn't going anywhere anymore. It stops at a closed door. Even though you promised that the door would always be open. It's locked now. Someone else has the key. Sometimes I come back and I sit outside, where there's no love to take. I listen carefully, but there's no sound. I call your name, but there's no answer. Sometimes I forget who the door belongs to, or even how I stumbled upon it in the first place. I'm sure you can imagine how much it hurt me: You knew me a little too well. Moving on is always so hard and empty. You are in love and out of the sudden you are pushed aside. Outside and alone, you and your thoughts. What went wrong? Why did it end like this? It was more complicated than I thought love could ever be (perhaps because it was a f