Mostrando las entradas de marzo, 2020

My therapist wants to know about my relationship with my country

From the other side of the Atlantic, nine thousand eighty kilometers away, I open my eyes and I look at the ever-grey sky. I am exhausted, my soul hurts, the disconsolate ache of today. I struggle to cope with the pain that breaks me from the inside, unable to keep scrolling down the news that never fail to horrify. Damned headers, promoting the way she died. She did not die, it was a femicide. My mouth is shut in solidarity, the knot grows in my throat; I disappeared for a day, but ten women in México won’t make it back home. Lives, aspirations, dreams, plans; everything abruptly cut. How to modify the course of History? Attempts to figure out my place in this big world and how to start to clean up this mess. I saw the suffering, I experienced the pain. But I believed in resistance, I believed in change. I was brought here on a mission: Education is a force to unite nations for peace and it’s ironic that this stirs in my heart urges for chaos &