Mostrando las entradas de enero, 2023

People I hardly knew but still think about

Two Mexican ladies at the airport, waiting with me for the snow to calm down. The man standing outside of Walgreens, wishing me a good day. The frozen yogurt woman who once visited Puebla. The grandmother I greet every Thursday on Hinman. The funny boy in my high school, his jokes and compassion. The man at the metro stop who genuinely believes aliens walk among us. A guy working at Subway, he always gives us a free cookie with a smile. The creepy man who followed me for a block asking for my number. The Mexican lady selling tacos, and her arguments with her coworker. The real estate agent who showed me my first grown-up apartment. The kind and artistic girl in performance arts and creative non-fiction class. My kindergarten teacher, who I discovered to be my cousin once removed. My latine mentor and her daughter. The guy who withdrew early decision to take care of his young brother.