Short story after us.

There are some things that are better left forgotten for the sake of us in order to heal the cuts on our soul.
I try to repeat that phrase to myself every day, I say it as a mantra to free my inner person. However, I am pretty sure that it doesn't matter the number of times I enunciate it: if I still don´t know the meaning of those words, none of them will feel valuable until I accept them.

I tell everyone I am doing just fine when that's not how I feel. I don't want to keep deceiving this story. To be honest, it is exhausting. I want to heal all my wounds, enjoy life and recover from the past that already fell apart. I usually write about "moving on'' to say the things that run through my mind along to the never-ending promises I make to myself. Nonetheless, today I am done with you.

I still can remember how I started to fall in love with you. It was so absurd, I tried to keep myself from going too deep into you, I knew it wasn´t safe to go that far so quickly. I claimed it was true love and that was why I couldn´t stop myself, but now I see that it only meant lust for you. Even though loving you felt like a challenge some days, I think you made me remember the lightest parts of life, and during the time it lasted, it felt astonishingly right.

How can I explain that you were the best thing that ever happened to me, although you were also the same exact thing that made me lose myself?
No, I never wanted to leave you, but some tears later I realized I had to keep myself together in order to survive. The time has come to look out for me.


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