This writer’s best story

I always found beauty in everything you did.

From the way you slept to the way you breathed.

From the sound of your laugh to the sound of your late night cough.

From the way you concentrated to the way you frustrated.

From the way you love the States to the way you ate.

From your carnivorous diet to your sorry for animals.

From the way you wrote me poems to the way you showed me quotes.

From your beautiful dreams to how they broke schemes.

From the way you danced to the way you left me entranced.

From your sleepy voice to how it made me rejoice.

From the way you got excited to the way you made me feel delighted.

From the way you looked at me to the way you made me feel.

You need to realize that you are a masterpiece.


from the way you spoke to the way you cracked jokes.

from your messy hair to your classy style,

from the way you strangely posed to the way you clothed,

from your unique expressions to your never-ending questions,

from the way you jump in joy to the way you weren´t coy,

from the color of your eyes to their power to hypnotize.

It was all worthy of my attention. It was worthy of a painting. It was worthy of a book. It is worthy of immortalization simply because you are this writer’s best story.


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