I don't want to break up

I really don't.
And I hate to even have the thought,
but I just can't keep going on.

Love shouldn't drain me out, 
yet it's been a heavy load.
Damn, I should let it all out.

It's not like my heart is breaking
and it's precisely what's got me thinking.

Have I lost all my hope?
Or am I growing out of love?

Saying something won't be enough
for me to not give up on us.
Words without actions are duff
and it is useless to cuss.

Of course you'd say I don't curse
and I'd turn fierce and hoarse
"You don't know me, never did"
Saying this is it, I quit.

We've been through so much
Breaking up to make it up
Holding on without clutch
Interluding til together curl up

I'm afraid I'm done waiting.
Utter devotion is fading.
Exhausted of always pretending
that I'm shining every day.

Distance is the biggest liability
I know better than a wasted speech.
Don't ask me to wait for stability
'cause it's incredibly out of reach

My lovely dear with crystal eyes,
I'd never want to make you cry.
But what's left to do if love dies?

I'm afraid the end might be nigh.


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